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JCZWelcomeWelcome to Zampell Facilities Management

We’re pleased to have you visit our site. As you review our credentials, I hope you will notice that we’re a different kind of facilities management firm. We are family-owned and operated, which dictates the way we interact with our clients and our employees. We are also in our third-generation of management, which illustrates the pride we take in the work we do, and the legacy to which we aspire.

We have worked very hard to build a reputation of quality, trust, and good honest work. For that, we’ve been rewarded with the loyalty of long- and short-term customers, many of whom have become good friends. We’ve built a diverse client base comprised of small, single-location companies to large, multiple building campuses, and we give the same detailed attention to each and every account we earn.

We love what we do. We also understand that you have your own job to do and often find managing facilities or a facilities manager to be an extra task on your list. Because of this understanding, we ask you to put your trust in us, to let us take care of your facilities, so you can focus on your core business objectives.

Throughout our site, you will see the question: Why Zampell FM? The answer will always be the same “We take care of your facility so you don’t have to.”

Thank you for your interest. We welcome you to explore our site and contact us with questions, and we look forward to working directly with you and your firm very soon.

All the best,