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First Generation: Tom Zampell (our founder)

Born in 1916 to immigrant Italian parents, Tom Zampell’s career started at General Electric in Lynn, Mass. where he eventually spent 30 years. Even after taking time off to fight in World War II, Tom worked his way up to become the head of maintenance at the Lynn facility, which had more than 200 furnaces and boilers used in the process to make aircraft parts. Passionate about their care and maintenance, Tom embodied qualities that have become synonymous with the Zampell family name: quality, value, efficiency and a commitment toward craftsmanship, customer service and sound business practices.

Forever known as a fair and ethical man who could be relied upon to do the job right above all else, Tom eschewed being told he’d done a good job. When greeted with praise, Tom’s famous response was “That’s why you hired me”.

Second Generation: Jim Zampell

Jim Zampell joined the business full time in 1976. At the time, Zampell Refractories, Inc. employed 17 people and generated approximately $500,000 a year in revenue. By leveraging the company’s diverse background of talented employees, Jim set out to grow the company with new ideas to affect change.

Jim became president and CEO in 1981 determined to continue the tradition of solid customer service, sound business and premium value fostered by his father.

Always cognizant of Tom’s legacy, Jim focused on craftsmanship, customer service, taking great care of his employees and attending to every customer need in the interest of growing the family business. Under Jim’s direction, the unwavering approach to meeting all of a customer’s needs enabled Zampell to break into a whole new aspect of business, namely the Waste-to-Energy services he fostered along the East Coast.

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Third Generation: Brian Zampell

Brian entered the fold in 2006 with an initial focus on the industrial business his grandfather began, employing the traditions and principles that garnered him success. His first order of business was to transition the family of Zampell businesses to a customer-centric operations model that consolidated Zampell Refractories, Zampell Insulation and the facilities management practice under one name: Zampell.

The impetus for this was simple: to align the culture and mentality of the company with the Zampell brand, and to alert customers to the wealth of skills, services and value Zampell has to offer. Building upon the inroads forged by his father and grandfather before him, Brian continues to lead and grow the company according to the tenets that have garnered success for nearly 50 years.

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