Why Zampell FM? Because we focus on people.

“A true craftsman works with his hands, but first with his heart”

At Zampell FM, we rely upon a core list of attributes that govern the way we do business. They dictate the qualities we look for in employees, and the quality of service we provide to our customers. At the end of the day, what matters most is not the fee we’ve collected on a job, but rather the relationships we’ve built and sustained. That is what makes us proud of the work we do. Why? Because we are Zampell FM, and we have a reputation to uphold.

Customer-Centric Approach
Zampell FM has set itself apart as a company due to its openness to change and its ability to respond to the changes it sees in the industry and in individual customers. Zampell FM puts each customer at the center of its operational focus and revolves its entire service portfolio around that single line of contact.

Culture of Safety
As a family business, safety is unequivocally our first goal. We start every job, every day, with a pre-shift stretching routine and a pre-shift briefing. This prepares each craftsman, both physically and mentally, to meet the challenges of their work.

Focus on Craftsmanship
The legacy of Tom Zampell is evident in the work we do every day. As a craftsman himself, Tom insisted that every job be done right the first time. We strive to uphold his tradition and foster an environment that rewards true craftsmen who not only work with their hands, but also with their hearts. Each year, Zampell FM rewards the top craftsman in each region with the annual Tom Zampell Award for Craftsmanship.

Talented, Skilled Employees
Every successful company must put its trust in quality people and build its business around them. At Zampell FM, our customers interact with the finest people in the industry in terms of technical knowledge, experience and innovation.

Positive Work Environment and Personal Development
Our high standards are carried over to having high standards for the environment in which Zampell FM’s employees work. Zampell FM continually reinvests in improving its facilities, equipment, tools and other resources to maintain a positive and proactive working environment. Zampell FM also maintains a strong support staff of Human Resources personnel who ensure that all of Zampell FM’s employees are managed fairly and positively with a goal-oriented structure developed for their individual growth.

Innovation and Engineering
While Zampell FM is a diverse company providing a variety of different facilities management services, it has created a culture of innovation and practical engineering solutions for its customers. Due to the diversity of services and applications Zampell FM provides, we deliver innovative and practical solutions by drawing on experiences outside of one particular industry. Zampell FM also focuses on the continual evaluation of new technologies and vendors to fully comprehend any potential new solutions available in the industry, passing that value along to our customers.

Growth Oriented
Zampell FM’s approach to growth is unique and beyond the traditional motivator of financial gain. In addition to revenue growth, Zampell FM seeks new customers and new industries that add to its roster of capabilities and encourages new areas for innovation and expansion. While looking outward for inspiration, we also look internally to find areas of personnel growth through professional development, group training and cross-training to meet our matching goals of internal and external advancement.

Community Stewardship
Zampell FM grew up in a small community and hasn’t forgotten the strength and support it received through those connections. With great gratitude, Zampell FM regularly gives back to the community fostering stronger relationships and a more positive and supportive environment in which its employees work and live.